How does Amari know navigate their journey in Part 7?

How does Amari know navigate their journey in Part 7?

How does Amari know to navigate their journey in Part Seven? She can remember lessons about nature she learned at home. What do the stars symbolize for Amari in Part Seven? That she remains on the same earth as she once did in Africa.

Is Amari pregnant in copper sun?

Derby murders the baby—Amari, Polly, and Teenie’s son Tidbit escape south to Fort Mose, where slaves can find freedom. Upon their arrival, Amari discovers that she’s pregnant with Clay’s baby.

What made Amari Polly and tidbit sick?

Amari is sick because she is pregnant.

What name did clay decide to give Amari?

What name does Clay give Amari, and why? Myna, because she was “his”.

What does Bill do for Amari?

Bill is a red-haired sailor on the ship that transports Amari and other African slaves to the English colonies.

Who greets the children at Fort Mose in copper sun?

The soldier nods at Inez, introduces himself as Francisco Menendez, and welcomes the girls and Tidbit to the fort.

Who is the master’s wife in love with copper sun?

Derby is a sweet, affectionate woman and Mr. Derby’s 18 year old, second wife. She gets pregnant by Noah, a slave and her bodyguard whom she loves, and Mr.

Why does Mr derby buy Amari?

Why does Mr. Derby buy Amari? For his son’s birthday. Clay is rude and stuck up.

What does Polly witness after Amari is bought by Mr Derby?

What does Polly witness after Amari is bought by Mr. Derby? She sees that the auction and not interesting and uneventful.

How does Dr Hoskins feel about slavery?

He insists that he doesn’t believe in slavery, but aside from one-off acts of resistance like freeing Amari, Polly, and Tidbit, Dr. Hoskins doesn’t feel like he can do anything to stop or change the cruel and dehumanizing nature of slavery on a grander scale.

Who is AFI How does she help Amari?

Afi is an older woman whom Amari befriends in the slave factories at Cape Coast and remains close with up until they’re sold at the slave auction in Charles Town. Afi is large and motherly, and she does everything she can to keep Amari alive.

Who was Amari in the book Copper Sun?

Copper Sun. In the early seventeen-hundreds, there lived a girl by the name of Amari. She was part of a village called Ziavi, and she absolutely loved it there. She had lived there her whole life, and she knew everybody there.

How did Amari survive her journey across the ocean?

On her journey across the ocean, she befriends a woman named Afi who encourages her to keep going and to survive. Though Amari finds it extremely difficult to do so, she does manage to survive the journey. And thanks to Bill, a kindly sailor on the ship, she lands in the colonies understanding some English.

Why did Amari want to be with AFI?

He simply did not care if they were separated, (he knew they wanted to be together because of how resistant Amari was, and how hard she was holding on to Afi) because all he cared about was if she could work. This is how Amari became a slave. Life was a lot harder for Amari at this point.

How old was Amari when she had her baby?

For the first time ever, Amari realized that she once again had a family. Her baby and Tidbit were her children, Polly as her sister, and Inez was her mom. It wasn’t the best family, but it was better than what she had for a long time. A few moths later, when she was sixteen, Amari had her baby.