How do you use evince in a simple sentence?

How do you use evince in a simple sentence?

Evince in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Although they evince an appearance of stability, I’ve heard that their marriage is beginning to crumble.
  2. J.J. hoped that the jury would evince an attitude of compassion, but he could see from their faces that he was probably doomed.

How do I use evince?

The verb evince means to show or express clearly or to make plain. Evidence can evince the innocence of the accused, and tears can evince the grief of mourning. Evince is a rather formal word that reveals the presence of something hidden — usually a feeling. So, if you are happy, your smile might evince your happiness.

What is the meaning for evince?

transitive verb. 1 : to constitute outward evidence of. 2 : to display clearly : reveal.

How do you use nadir in a sentence?

Nadir in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Even though we thought we had reached our nadir and would fail to meet the project deadline, we were still able to complete the work on time.
  2. Since the relationship between the two warring nations has reached its nadir, world leaders are greatly concerned about the risk of nuclear war.

What is evince in Linux?

Evince (/ˈɛvɪns/) is a free and open source document viewer supporting many document file formats including PDF, PostScript, DjVu, TIFF, XPS and DVI. It is designed for the GNOME desktop environment. Many Linux distributions – including Ubuntu, Fedora and Linux Mint – include Evince as the default document viewer.

How do you spell evince?

verb (used with object), e·vinced, e·vinc·ing. to show clearly; make evident or manifest; prove.

What is evince in Ubuntu?

Evince is the default document viewer for PDF (Portable Document Format) and PostScript files but can also display other formats, such as images. It is designed to make reading documents a simple and hassle-free experience, and has intuitive previewing, indexing and searching capabilities.

Is evince a transitive verb?

transitive verb obsolete To conquer; to subdue.

How do you write per se?

“per say” correct, everyone! It’s not Latin itself that trips people up, per se, but it’s the spelling of the dead language. When interwoven with our everyday speech, Latin usage sometimes allows us to say our ideas in a more sophisticated tone, but this sophistication crumbles if we spell it “per say.”

How do you use omnipresent in a sentence?

Omnipresent sentence example

  1. Red and green are omnipresent throughout the holiday season.
  2. Some station themselves on this side of the pond, some on that, for the poor bird cannot be omnipresent ; if he dive here he must come up there.
  3. He is omnipresent : in the heavens, in the air and in the waters.