How do you say Causeway Bay in Cantonese?

How do you say Causeway Bay in Cantonese?

Causeway Bay is a district of Hong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai District….

Causeway Bay
Traditional Chinese 銅鑼灣
Simplified Chinese 铜锣湾
Cantonese Yale Tùhnglòh wàahn
Literal meaning “Copper Gong Bay”

What is MTR station?

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is a major public transport network serving Hong Kong. The system included 230.9 km (143.5 mi) of rail in 2018 with 165 stations, including 97 heavy rail stations and 68 light rail stops.

How do you say North Point in Cantonese?

North Point is a mixed-use urban area in the Eastern District of Hong Kong. It is in the northeastern part of Hong Kong Island, name after a cape between Causeway Bay and Tsat Tsz Mui, and projects toward Kowloon Bay….

North Point
Chinese 北角
Jyutping Bak1 gok3

What does OK la mean?

This simple three-letter word can mean an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts. For example, “No lah, I told you I didn’t do that” conveys exasperation, whereas a short “Ok lah” is an affirmation.

Is Sheung Wan a city in Hong Kong?

Sheung Wan is an area in Hong Kong, located in the north-west of Hong Kong Island, between Central and Sai Ying Pun. Administratively, it is part of the Central and Western District.

What is MTR Elizabeth line?

MTR Elizabeth line is the chosen operator to run Crossrail. We seek to provide operational excellence and the highest possible level of customer service for London. MTR Elizabeth line will deliver train and passenger services including: Excellence in customer service through 40 Elizabeth line stations.

What is the longest MTR line in HK?

The Tuen Ma line
The Tuen Ma line (Chinese: 屯馬綫) is a rapid transit line that forms part of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in Hong Kong. The line is 56.2 kilometres (34.9 mi) in length, making it the longest line of the MTR network. It has a total of 27 stations, more than any other in the MTR system.

How do you say hospital in Cantonese?

醫院 (ji1 jyun2) hospital (noun)

How do you say Happy Valley in Cantonese?

So Happy Valley is a common euphemism for cemeteries, so that’s how they name it “Happy Valley”. And later on, they decided to put a horse racing court there so they named it 跑馬地 (paau2 maa5 dei2) in Cantonese.

What do you call a train in Cantonese?

In Cantonese, “train” is translated into 火車 (fóchē) and “bus” is 巴士 (bāsí). The language uses measure words or numeral classifiers before the actual nouns. In context of the following examples, the respective Cantonese measure words for 火車 and 巴士 are 班 (bāan) and 架 (ga).

Are there any words for yes and no in Cantonese?

Cantonese, as in Chinese, does not have words for “yes” and “no” as such; instead, questions are typically answered by repeating the verb. Common ones include: Hello.

Do you know how to speak Cantonese in Singapore?

However, most people throughout Guangdong know how to speak standard Cantonese (Guangzhou dialect) and Hongkongers and Macanese speak standard Cantonese with slight influences from Western languages, especially from English in Hong Kong Cantonese. The Cantonese spoken in Singapore and Malaysia also differ slightly due to Malay influences.

Is there a Cantonese dialect in mainland China?

The dialect of Chinese spoken by many inhabitants of eastern Guangxi Province in mainland China, is often referred to a form of Cantonese as well. All Chinese dialects, in general, use the same set of characters in reading and writing in formal settings.