How do you marry Leia in Harvest Moon DS?

How do you marry Leia in Harvest Moon DS?

You will need to have the Duck Pond built before she will accept your marriage proposal. Once Leia swims away the only time you can see her at the Beach is on Tuesday night at midnight after the time turns into Wednesday. You will need to walk into the beach area to have her appear.

Can you marry the Witch Princess in Harvest Moon DS?

The Witch) is a character in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. She is one of the special bachelorettes available to marry in DS (and also best friended only in Japanese version of Cute). Rival to the Harvest Goddess, the Witch Princess is responsible for the Harvest Goddess turning to stone.

Can you be a girl in Harvest Moon DS?

In some Harvest Moon games, the player characters can be either male or female – they will never marry each other (except in IoH/SI).

How do you get a girlfriend on Harvest Moon DS?

If you want to woo a girl from Mineral Town you need to connect your copy of either GBA game to your DS. Once a week you will get to see one of the Mineral Town girls visit your game. Since they only appear on a weekly basis they take the longest time to court.

How do you get a mermaid in Harvest Moon DS?

To trigger Leia’s first heart event, enter Daryl’s basement when he has 100 FP or more. When you enter the basement, you will be surprised to find a mermaid, who introduces herself as Leia. Leia explains that she living in this bathtub after Daryl found her washed up on the beach.

How do you get Keira in Harvest Moon DS?

Keira (DS)

  1. Birthday. Winter 26.
  2. Unlock By. Must unlock the first two mines before unlocking the third. She is found on the 255th floor.
  3. Appearances. DS, Cute.

How do you unlock Leia in Harvest Moon DS?

She lives in a big bathtub in Daryl’s basement. The door to the basement will be locked until you raise Daryl’s friendship points to 100 or higher. Once Daryl’s friendship is high enough, you can meet Leia and start interacting with her when Daryl is at home.

How do you marry in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

The requirements for marriage are:

  1. The boy/bachelor at a red heart color (60,000 Love Points or more)
  2. Own the Big Bed for your house, purchased from the Channel 2 TV Shopping channel (which looks like two beds side-by-side)
  3. Unlock 60 Harvest Sprites or more, and have the Goddess back in her pond.

Does Harvest Moon DS ever end?

It is possible to end the game early on by letting your dog attack the mayor of Mineral Town Thomas. Donating a Level 100 Toadstool on the Harvest Festival will end the game as you poison yourself and possibly the entire village. The end credits will roll and you will be back on your last save.

What does Nami like Harvest Moon DS?

Unlike most girls, Nami doesn’t enjoy flowers or jewelries. She does love cooked dishes (especially curry), and fish. Your rival for Nami’s affection is Gustafa, who also loves to travel. Unlike in A Wonderful Life, Nami will never leave the valley if you do not marry her.

How do you get Golden Lumber in Harvest Moon DS?

Mayor Thomas will come by your farm on the 2nd of Winter and ask you for a piece of White Grass or some other hard to get item. If you get the item he requests by 7PM on the day he asked you, he will reward you with a piece of Golden Lumber.

How do you get a blue feather in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

Buy the Blue Feather from Karen’s telephone store for 1000 G(The Feather will become available for purchase at Karen’s store once you have a boy up to an Orange (50,000 LP) heart level)

Where to make money in Harvest Moon DS?

When you begin Harvest Moon DS you can quickly make some money by visiting the excavation site in the northeast corner of the valley. The excavation site is currently being treated by Carter and Flora as an archeological area.

How do you get down the mines in Harvest Moon?

To progress down into the mine you may fall down holes hidden in the ground. You can dig for the staircase like you may have done in Friends of Mineral Town, but it’s much more efficient to fall down the holes. At the bottom of this mine you’ll find a wild, aggressive bird. You have to hit the bird with your tools in order to destroy it.

Where do you find items in Harvest Moon?

At the beginning of the game you can visit their site and use your hoe to dig up such items as Sunblock, Earrings, Necklaces, and so on. The easy way to dig up the items from the excavation site is to save your game at the entrance, then dig around with your Hoe until you find an item.

Where to find the Secret Princess in Harvest Moon?

You can find the tools hidden in the ground on specific floors. You can find the secret sleeping princess, Keria, on the 255th floor of the mine. The last mine unlocked is a whopping 65,535 floors deep. You can fall up to 300 floors at a time!