How do you get unlimited money in GTA 4?

How do you get unlimited money in GTA 4?

Unlike other GTA games, GTA 4 does not have a money cheat. On PC, you can use a mod to add funds to your wallet, but if you’re playing on a console you’ll need to put the work in. The absolute best and fastest way to make money is to complete Stevie’s car theft missions.

What is the cheat code for a Lamborghini in GTA 4?

Can you get a Lamborghini in GTA 4? Yes. In GTA 4, the Infernus vehicle is actually a Lamborghini. There is no cheat code to spawn the Infernus, but Brucie will give one to you as a gift during the story.

What is the fastest car in GTA 4?

The Infernus
The Infernus is in fact the fastest car in GTA IV at 250km/h, with the Comet second fastest at 248km/h, but in TBoGT, the fastest car (availabe only in multiplayer) is the fastest, with a top speed of 260km/h. The Blista Compact has a top speed of 321 KPH.

How do I put cheats in GTA 4?

GTA 4 was the first game in the franchise to give Niko a phone to interact with other characters. You can use the in-game phone to call your contacts and enter cheat codes. To enter cheat codes in GTA 4, bring up your phone and use the dial to enter these numbers, and this will enable the cheats in the game.

How do you get a bodyguard in GTA 4?

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the player can get bodyguards by sparing Dwayne Forge during the mission The Holland Play. Dwayne will send two bodyguards to protect and help Niko during gunfights. Dwayne’s bodyguards are only unlocked if the player’s friendship with him is high (above 75%).

What are the Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto?

482-555-0100. Give Niko health and armour.

  • 362-555-0100. Baseball Bat,Grenades,Combat Pistol,Combat Shotgun,SMG,Carbine Rifle,Combat Sniper,RPG.
  • 486-555-0100. Knife,Molotovs,Pistol,Pump Shotgun,Micro SMG,Assault Rifle,Combat Sniper,RPG.
  • 486-555-0150.
  • 267-555-0100.
  • 267-555-0150.
  • 468-555-0100.
  • 359-555-0100.
  • 938-555-0100.
  • 625-555-0100.
  • What are the cheats for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

    Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 Cheats. Explosive Ammo: Want to give your weapons explosive ammo? Explosive Punches: Or,maybe you’d rather have some explosive (literally) melee moves!

  • Misc Cheats. Instant Parachute: Need a parachute on the fly?
  • Closing. There are a lot of excellent cheat codes here.
  • Can you cheat on the Xbox 360?

    This Xbox 360 cheat is pretty easy. When holding your weapon, press LT, RT and X buttons and hold them for a minute or longer. Check the stats menu and you will see the maximum attributes for your weapon.