How do I open the console in Torchlight 2 Mac?

How do I open the console in Torchlight 2 Mac?

Launch Torchlight II and get in a game. Opt-R opens the console.

How do you cheat in Torchlight?

Now while in game you will have to hold Shift and hit the ~ key to pull up the console. All cheats ARE NOT case sensitive….Console codes.

Effect Effect
Godspeed Toggles both God and Speed mode
Combatlog Toggles combat log
God Toggles Godmode
AIFreeze Toggles moster AI

How do you get legendary items in Torchlight 2?

Legendary items can be acquired through random drops once the player reaches level 49 or higher, with Champions and bosses having a 1/2500 (0.04%) chance to drop them and other monsters having a 1/48000 (0.002%) chance to drop them.

Can you reset skills in Torchlight 2?

There is absolutely no way to respec stat points in Torchlight 2. Whether you can respec skill points is another matter, but not that much of one: you can only respec the last three skill points you spent. Any of the previous points you’ve spent are permanent.

How do I use the console in Torchlight 2?

Open the file with a text editor, then press CTRL+F and search for “Console :0″. Change the parameter from “Console :0″ to “Console :1″ to activate the Developer Console, enabling use of cheat console commands in Torchlight 2.

How do I open console on Mac?

Step 3: To open the console, you can use this keyboard shortcut: Cmd + Option + C.

What is the best class in Torchlight 2?

Engineer class
The Engineer class in Torchlight 2 is widely considered to be the best class in the game, though they aren’t without their downsides.

How do I open the console in Torchlight 2?

To open the console in game, press the insert key.

Does Torchlight 2 have end game?

Torchlight 2 had a really beautiful end-game, the gold standard until Diablo 3 got its act together by splitting its acts into pieces. But a recent update added the real end-game.

What is max level in Torchlight 2?

Stats are the four basic attributes of your character in Torchlight II. They differ from the stats in the first game. Each character begins with 40 points assigned and gains 5 stat points to allocate each time they level up. The maximum character level is 100, providing 495 discretionary points in total.

How do you get a respec potion in Torchlight 2?

Full respec

  1. Enable the Console (if you have not done so already).
  2. Press the Insert key to open the Console.
  3. Type ITEM RespecPotion and press Enter . The potion will appear on the ground.
  4. Pick up and use the potion.

How to enable the console in Torchlight 2?

Enabling the console. To enable the developer console, find where Torchlight II stores your save data: Windows: Linux: Inside this folder you should find a file named settings.txt and change “Console:0” to “Console:1” and “Debugmenus:0” to “Debugmenus:1”, save and exit. To open the console in game, press the insert key.

How do you get cheats on Torchlight altered Gamer?

Press and hold Shift and the “~” key. Once in the console screen simply type in the desired cheat. Once the console is open you have access to a hefty list of cheats.

Do you need a backup of Torchlight to use cheats?

Many of the cheats listed require you to alter the settings.txt file in order to access the console. It’s always recommended to create a backup of the Torchlight folder prior to altering files, just to be safe.

How to make a skill active in torchlight?

Type just “skill” to see a list of skills. Type the number or the name of the skill to make active on the player. Different from the command “skill,” this will allow you to execute any skill even if it wasn’t intended for your character. The params are optional.