How did they get the statue up in Rio?

How did they get the statue up in Rio?

Because of the statue’s massive size, the statue was actually put together on top of Mount Corcovado, and all the necessary materials (as well as the workers) were transported up the mountain on a small cog-wheel train; (which at the time was mainly used to take tourists to the top of the mountain to see the vistas).

Who made the Redeemer?

Paul Landowski
Heitor da Silva CostaGheorghe LeonidaAlbert Caquot
Christ the Redeemer/Artists

Can you go inside Christ the Redeemer statue?

Visitors can NOT go inside the statue. Christ the Redeemer Statue is hollow inside; there is a staircase inside all the way up to the chest. At chest level, there are two tunnels, one into the left arm and another one into the right arm.

Why is the statue of Christ the Redeemer important?

Another was a statue of Jesus holding a globe, while standing over a pedestal that was to symbolize the world. The chosen statue is meant to show that Christ loves all and will embrace all that come to him. The stones that were used to build Christ the Redeemer came from Sweden. The statue was completed in 1931.

How tall is the Christ Redeemer statue?

It is erected on a hilltop and stands tall 2310 feet above Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil. Christ The Redeemer statue facts are it’s a 98 feet tall statue and the largest statue of Jesus Christ designed and built in the art deco style. The arms of the statue are 92 feet in length. It is perched on Mount Corcovado.

Who created the statue of Christ the Redeemer?

Christ The Redeemer statue was designed by a Polish sculptor Paul Landowski and built by engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and Albert Caquot. One of the interesting Christ the Redeemer statue facts is the statue was proposed in the 18th century and the site was inaugurated, the real construction of the statue was started in the 1920s.