How did Ray Gravell die?

How did Ray Gravell die?

heart attack
Former Wales and Lions rugby star Ray Gravell died unexpectedly last night while on holiday in Spain with his wife and children. It is understood the 56-year-old suffered a heart attack while in Majorca with his wife Mari and two daughters Manon, 11, and eight-year-old Gwennan.

When did Ray Gravell die?

31 October 2007
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Raymond William Robert Gravell, rugby player, actor and broadcaster: born Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire 12 September 1951; married 1991 Mari Roberts (two daughters); died 31 October 2007.

Where is Ray Gravell buried?

Grave of Ray Gravell, international rugby player, who’s ashes were strewn at Horeb Chapel, Mynyddygarreg.

What happened to Ray gravells father?

His father had committed suicide when Gravell was a young man.

Why did Ray Gravell lose his leg?

In June 2007 the Llanelli and Wales centre gave his permission for cameras to follow his rehabilitation after a diabetes-related leg amputation. But just four months later he died unexpectedly of a heart attack whilst on holiday in Spain.

Where was Ray Gravell born?

Kidwelly, United Kingdom
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When did Ray Gravell play for the Lions?

Gravell in action for the Lions in 1980 Birth name Raymond William Robert Gravell Date of birth ( 1951-09-12) 12 September 1951 Place of birth Kidwelly, Wales Date of death 31 October 2007 (2007-10-31) (aged 56)

What did Ray Gravell do for a living?

Often epitomising the hard edge of rugby, Gravell was the classic crash ball centre, thriving on the physical contact of the sport. He is often cited as the source for the much repeated rugby phrase, “get your first tackle in early, even if it’s late.”

When did Ray Gravell’s father commit suicide?

His father had committed suicide when Gravell was a young man. At the Wales v France match at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on 15 March 2008, Gravell’s daughters, Gwenan and Manon, led the Wales team on to the pitch carrying the Triple Crown plate.

Where was Ray Gravell’s funeral held in Wales?

A public funeral was held at Stradey Park on 15 November 2007, attended by up to ten thousand mourners from all over Wales. Gravell’s flag-draped coffin was carried on to the field by six Llanelli players, from past and present, and placed on a red carpet as the ceremony was conducted.