How did Harry survive the basilisk venom?

How did Harry survive the basilisk venom?

The answer is simple: He didn’t actually die. Fawkes quickly healed the bite wound with his phoenix tears just in time.

What did Harry use to kill the basilisk?

When Harry enters the Chamber and fights the blinded Basilisk, he thrusts a sword into the roof of its mouth, a move that will kill it; in turn, one of its fangs pierces Harry’s arm, the poison of which nearly kills him.

How did Harry escape the basilisk?

Harry was only saved by Fawkes’ Tears, and subsequently used the fang (on which his arm had been impaled) to destroy Riddle’s Diary, which he later discovered was one of Voldemort’s Seven Horcruxes.

Is Fawkes the only phoenix?

Sparky was the phoenix mascot of the New Zealand Quidditch team the Moutohora Macaws. Apart from Fawkes, Sparky was then the only known domesticated phoenix.

Why can Godric Gryffindor’s sword destroy Horcruxes?

This caused the sword to be imbued with basilisk venom (since goblin-made items only absorb what makes them stronger) and hence gained the ability to destroy Horcruxes, although Harry instead used one of the Basilisk’s fangs to destroy the diary, which eliminated the sentient memory of Tom Riddle it contained and …

Can you Avada Kedavra a Horcrux?

Avada Kedavra kills. Horcruxes are the opposite of a human being, so foremost they can’t be killed as that’s a rather obvious fact about humans.

How did Harry kill the Basilisk so easily?

Harry Potter ultimately slayed Slytherin’s Basilisk by stabbing her with the Sword of Gryffindor, which came out of the Sorting Hat that had magically appeared in front of him with Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix.

Why are spiders afraid of Basilisk?

The cockatrice is also usually depicted with wings, while the Basilisk is not. It has been theorised that spiders fear Basilisks because arachnids can see nearly 360-degrees around them and cannot shut their eyes, leaving them extremely vulnerable to the monster’s killing gaze.

Is Fawkes a horcrux?

Though it might have not been Albus’ fault, he felt responsible for it, and in order to get rid of that guilt, he literally separated that part of his soul from his body. In the end, Harry Potter fans will believe whatever they want, but Fawkes was definitely not Dumbledore’s horcrux.

How do phoenix reproduce?

Like all other birds, the phoenix reproduce by laying eggs. A male phoenix and a female phoenix are required prior to laying eggs. Note also the plural on the eggs. The phoenix use magic to produce high temperature that can incubate their eggs very fast.