How can I check my old Calcutta result?

How can I check my old Calcutta result?

Ans. Students can check the Calcutta University Results from or

What is the first class percentage in Calcutta University?

A candidate obtaining 40% marks in theoretical papers (that is, 240 out of 600) and 50% marks in practical papers (in each examination) will be declared as passed in the 2nd Class. A candidate securing 60% marks in the total/ aggregate of Part I and Part II examinations will be placed in the 1st Class.

What is the pass marks in Calcutta University?

a) For a General/Major subject, pass marks shall be 30% in the aggregate of the subject in Part-I, Part-II and Part-III examinations taken together subject to a minimum of 30% marks (30% marks separately in theoretical and practical portions wherever applicable) in the subject in Part-III examination.

Who are the first two graduates of Calcutta University?

In 1858, Joddu Nath Bose and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee became the first graduates of the university.

How do I check my Hons results?

The alternative website for checking Honours Result 2021 is However, Honours exam results could be found by online and offline both methods.

What is the highest marks in Calcutta University?

“Shraya has scored the highest marks among all other candidates who wrote the B.Sc anthropology exam of Calcutta University this year. She is a bright student. She has scored 701 out of 800.

How do you calculate Honours percentage?

How is my Honours grade calculated?

  1. How is my Honours grade calculated?
  2. The following formula is used to calculate your Honours grade:
  3. Honours grade = Sum of (subject credit × mark × weight)
  4. Weight 1 for 400 level; 0 for 300, 200, 100 level. (
  5. Example: How to calculate your Final Honours grade.

What Mark is Honours?

Honours- an aggregate of 560 in 7 courses with no mark below 70 in any of the 7 courses. Honours with Distinction- an aggregate of 630 in 7 courses with no mark below 80 in any of the 7 courses.

What is BCOM Honours?

Answer: B.Com. Hons. is a graduate degree program that focuses on the rigorous study of topics like statistics, finance, economics, marketing, accounting , business studies, mathematics, banking, law, taxation, management studies, and other related fields.

Who set up Calcutta University?

Alexander Duff
University of Calcutta/Founders

Who was the founder of Calcutta Madras?

Job Charnock
Calcutta was established in the year 1686 as a result of the expansion plans of the British Raj. On August 24, 1686, Job Charnock, who was believed to be the founder of Calcutta first came to the village of Sutanuti as a representative of the British East India Company to establish a factory.