Does the air handler and condenser have to match?

Does the air handler and condenser have to match?

The short answer is that a handler and condenser can be different brands and the unit will function properly. Ideally, it is better to match the same brand of condenser and handler if possible, and have them both replaced together.

Can the air handler be bigger than condenser?

Yes, it’s bad if your evaporator coils are sized bigger or smaller than your condenser coils. In fact, if the size of your evaporator and condenser coils don’t match, it can result in: Higher monthly energy costs. Reduced unit lifespan.

Can I use a 3 ton condenser with a 4 ton coil?

I have a 3 ton condenser with a 4 ton coil and I haven’t had any issues with it. I do live in a dry climate, so it’s not an issue. If you live in a more humid area, I’d suggest not over sizing the coil.

Can you mix and match AC units?

For a split system, use matching equipment from the same manufacturer. Do not mix and match. Yes, technically, you might be able to get them to work, but it’s an absolutely terrible idea for a lot of reasons. Just don’t do it!

Can I use a 3.5 ton condenser with a 3 ton coil?

The short answer is, you can’t. A good tech might be able to get it to work with like a TXV, but you are going to be bottle-necked at the 3-ton. There is no way you will get 5-ton capacity after that.

Can you use a 5 ton condenser with a 4 ton air handler?

A 5 ton outdoor unit will not work with a 4 ton indoor coil and air handler or furnace. The freon won’t boil off correctly.

Can I use a 5 ton air handler with a 4 ton condenser?

Can you use a 3 ton air handler with a 2.5 ton condenser?

That’s always a good step because you are increasing the chances of your HVAC equipment being compatible. So, if the evaporator coil in the 3.5 ton air handler has a thermal expansion valve (TXV) for metering, it will probably work. You would need to check that, but as long as it does, you’re probably good to go.

Can you put a 2 ton condenser on a 3 ton coil?

a 2 ton condenser with a 3 ton coil), the orifice needs to be changed to match the size condenser you are installing. In this example the match would require changing the 3 ton orifice that comes in the coil to a 2 ton orifice.

Can I use a 3 ton condenser with a 2.5 ton coil?

The main reason is for slightly better efficiency. I have the exact situation in my house as you mentioned…a 2.5 ton AC with a 3 ton coil. You won’t notice any improved performance, but the SEER of the total system will be somewhat improved.

Can a 3 ton coil work on a 5 ton air handler?

So I have 5 ton Lennox gas furnace and air handler which is really too large for my house and just came upon a brand new 3 ton goodman condenser and coil for great deal. So if I understand this correctly, you CAN put a 3 ton coil and condenser on a 5 ton air handler. I have gotten mixed information with local HVAC guys and need to figure this out.

Can a 5 ton furnace work with a 3 ton condenser?

In my opinion (don’t) The 5 ton furnace will have a to high a CFM across the coil for proper heat transfer. If the blower motor was a multiple speed motor and was able to match the CFM for a 3 ton condenser it perhaps might work.

Can a condenser be used with an air handler?

You have to make sure the units you have match appropriately. You can’t just go to a store and buy the first condenser you see and match it with the air handler in your house. They might work together. They might not. A good start would be to make sure that the brands are matched.

Do you have to replace your air handler?

Sometimes you just have to replace the air handler or condenser part of your heating and air conditioning system without replacing the whole thing. But do the air handler and condenser have to match?