Does Josh Lucas do Home Depot commercial?

Does Josh Lucas do Home Depot commercial?

In summary, the current voice actor for Home Depot commercials is Josh Lucas. Josh Lucas is an actor who is known for his roles in ‘Sweet Home Alabama and ‘American Psycho’.

Who is the voice of Chevy commercials 2021?

actor John Cusack
Find New Roads.” The voice belongs to none other than Golden Globe-winning actor John Cusack. Known for movies such as High Fidelity, Being John Malkovich, Identity, and Grosse Pointe Blank, the 46-year-old native of Evanston, Illinois replaces comedian Tim Allen as the voiceover talent of GM’s Bow Tie brand.

Who is the Robitussin bear voice?

Barry Carl
Born April 20, 1950 Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres A cappella, classical
Occupation(s) Performer, singer, voice-over actor, marriage counselor, bodyworker

Who does the Vraylar voice-over?

Debra Lynn Winger (born May 16, 1955) is an American actress.

Who is the highest paid voice actor?

An American dude by the name of Trey Parker, co-creator of South Park and the voice behind characters such as Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh and Mr Mackey, is worth a whopping $350 million in US dollars… making him the highest paid voice actor world over.

Where is Josh Lucas from?

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Josh Lucas/Place of birth

Who is the Chevy spokesman?

Country newcomer BRELAND (real name Daniel Breland) is featured in Chevrolet’s new commercial for the 2022 Silverado ZR2 alongside actor Chris Pratt, 2020 NASCAR Cup Champion Chase Elliott and renowned off-road racer and engineer Chad Hall, which premiered tonight during the NFL Kickoff game on NBC.

Who is the voice of Applebee’s commercials?

Former SNL funnyman Jason Sudeikis may be the current voice of Applebee’s (and his sardonic attitude really works for sandwich-selling, strange as that may seem), but the restaurant chain has used plenty of other high profile talent in the past, including both John Corbett and Wanda Sykes.

Who is the voice of Chevy commercials?

John Cusack
1. John Cusack – Chevrolet. Cusack came on board as the car company’s main (voice) man back in February, when he replaced another actor, Tim Allen, as the voice o’ Chevy.

Who does the voice for the owl on America’s best?

Chris Fries is the voice of The Owl in Americas Best.

Who is the spectrum lady?

Erica Shaffer
134 Erica Shaffer (born March 6, 1970) is an American actress who has worked in independent films and television.. Watch the commercial, share it with friends, then discover more great Spectrum Business TV commercials on 2020 is a year which will be remembered for a number of reasons.

Who is the girl in the abreva commercial?

Actress Milana Vayntrub
Actress Milana Vayntrub has appeared on hit shows like “This is Us,” but many know her as Lily — the friendly employee from AT commercials (she played Lily from 2013 to 2016 before taking a hiatus and returning to the role earlier this year).

Who is the voice of the Home Depot commercial?

Ed Harris, Josh Lucas, voice of Home Depot. The previous voice of the Home Depot was Ed Harris. [above] An example of a Home Depot commercial containing an Ed Harris voice-over can be found here: ad who is.

When did the Home Depot Reality Check commercial come out?

(November 2014 – January 2015) TV commercial, “Reality Check – Kids will be Kids, Dogs will be Dogs,” for Behr’s Paint from The Home Depot, and a special on one gallon cans and five gallon buckets of Glidden Paints (voiceover).

When did the Home Depot Let It Snow commercial come out?

(November 2014 – December 2014) TV commercial, “Let It Snow,” for power tools from The Home Depot, and a special on Ryobi drill kits (voiceover). (November 2014) TV commercial, “Black Friday is Here Early,” for home appliances from The Home Depot (voiceover).

When did the Home Depot Black Friday commercial come out?

(November 2014) TV commercial, “Black Friday is Here Early,” for home appliances from The Home Depot (voiceover). (November 27, 2014 – Thanksgiving Day) TV commercial, “Black Friday is Finally Here,” for power hand tools, toys for the big kids, from The Home Depot (voiceover).