Are there any cheats for Major Mayhem 2?

Are there any cheats for Major Mayhem 2?

You can use the time-lapse cheat to recover the energy instantly in Major Mayhem 2 game. All you need to do is go to the mobile settings and then change the time; set it to next minutes. For instance; if time is 5:10PM, set it to 5:30PM.

How do you get more mayhem points in Mayhem?

For normal combos, you just have to shoot down the enemies back-to-back without delaying. By making combos, you can increase the number of mayhem points per damage. If you keep shooting down the enemies continuously [for a long time], the bonus from combo will increase.

How many medals do you get in Major Mayhem 2?

All you need to do is tap on the enemy to start shooting. The game features 50 challenging missions and it would not be easy for you to get the gold medal at each stage. Your objective is to earn the 150 medals (50 missions*3 medals =150).

Is there a zombie apocalypse in Mass Mayhem?

Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse is another addition to Gamesfree’s MM series. A deadly virus has been spreading and infected the world population turning most if not all of them into walking dead. As a lone survivor, your mission is to get rid of this pest once and for all.

How many Mayhem Points do you need to get gold?

Usually, at each stage, to get the gold medal, you need to score 10,000 or more mayhem points. You earn mayhem points by defeating the enemies. You can check the score at the top-right corner while battling against the enemies. Now, the question is how to score more mayhem points? There are many ways to accomplish this objective;

Who is the publisher of Major Mayhem 2?

Major Mayhem 2 is now finally available worldwide. This time, it has been published by Rocket Jump. The original version of this game series has crossed over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and still, it is getting hits.